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Value Proposition


About Us

Satya Consultants was established in 2005 with the main objective of enabling clients to achieve project success. Headquartered in Milton, Onatrio, Canada, Satya Consultants is a group of highly seasoned and qualified professionals that deliver superior IT project management and business analysis services to clients.  Besides years of experience our consultants are highly qualified and most have MBA, CBAP® and PMP® credentials.

Guiding Principles

We believe sound core values form a strong character. A strong character is required for continued success and survival. Accordingly we are guided by the following core beliefs:

Candor or Openness in all our dealings.
Integrity. We will not forsake our values for short term gains.
Fairness: we will be objective and fair in our dealings with clients, associates and society at large.
Hard work and excellence: we will excel by working hard and creating innovative solutions for our clients.
Leadership. We will set leadership standards in our business and industry by example.


To help our clients succeed and to put their need above our own always and every time


To be the number one choice of our clients in our practice areas by providing quality work, delivering more than asked and working passionately to find innovative solutions to their challenges.

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